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Comment:, Is an evangelical...

Rev.T.Dass. started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Info: Foundation Grants, Charity...", Is an evangelical Christian national NGO, tax-exempted and accountablity track. We are functioning in Elathagiri-Post,Krishnagiri-Di st,Tamilnadu, India-635108. We are an educational and social service society, reaching out and servinf the pooerest of the poor. 1.We need annually $.25,000 To main- -tain the present orphanage with 25 kids. 2.WE need about 1,00,000$, for our Re-location of Girls to a new campus is needed. This is very urgent. 3.We need $.15,000, to start a compu -ter training project with 12 computers. 4. We need a school van and will cost $ $.20,000 We will be grateful if the Lord provides thses needs. Many will have a hope and a future. Contact the directorAt:arvindmohandass@gma Thank You! Rev.Dass.T Director ww

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